Pro & Easy Cheque Writer is Professional cheque writing software or cheque printing software that enables Malaysia corporate and home users to print cheque-book cheque accurately, easily and safely. This program prints: cheque payee, cheque amount, word amount and cheque date onto a banker’s cheque. Built in Layout Editor Enables support for wide range of printer and cheque layouts. It automatically converts numbers to words. You can have your cheque printed with just a few seconds.


  • Straight forward and user friendly interface foe easier navigation.
  • Easy to use Write Cheque Function just like writing and actual cheque.
  • All customer data is stored into database.
  • Import payee list from or to excel.
  • Print on any Malaysia or Singapore bank cheque directory to any office printer.
  • One time investment, no expiry date.
  • Allow multiple pc installation.


  • Date is choose from calendar or auto generated.
  • Changable font type and font size.
  • User enters in the amount that needs to pay.
  • Pick payee name from database.
  • Auto second line long payee name.
  • Dual language in words conversion Bahasa and English.
  • Automatic number to words conversion.

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