GO-Global for UNIX delivers UNIX and Linux applications to your network or the Web without the need for cumbersome, client-side X server software. Now you can instantly make your applications accessible to local and remote users running on just about any client platform, while retaining all of your application’s features, functionality and branding.

Deploying, maintaining and managing traditional X server-based applications can be costly and time-consuming. The high bandwidth requirements of client-side X servers dictate a LAN connection. With GO-Global’s near zero-footprint clients and high-speed RXP protocol, however, your organization saves time, money and scarce IT resources. Your UNIX and Linux applications run on a central host along with the GO-Global for UNIX Server (Host) software. Using a Web browser plug-in or a tiny native client, you can instantly run your heavy-duty UNIX or Linux applications on any network-attached device, regardless of platform or operating system.


  • Retains 100% of the application’s features, functions, and branding.
  • Web-enables existing applications in 15 minutes or less.
  • Offers strong authentication and security, including proxy tunneling and encryption (56-bit DES standard, 256-bit AES optional)


  • Provides Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X native clients
  • Provides mobile clients for Apple iOS and Google Android
  • Provides Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari browser clients


  • Provides Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla browser clients.
  • Provides high-performance access via proprietary RXP protocol, even over low-bandwidth connections.
“With GO-Global for UNIX, we have improved performance and productivity, simplified administration, and heightened security. The response from department managers has been excellent.”
Thomas Pola, AT&T Wireless

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