Receipt Printer.

Receipt printer available in several printing mechanisms, each suited for different applications. Impact, or dot matrix, receipt printers use a ribbon to create the images on the receipt paper. It can print receipt with carbon copies as well as two colors with special ribbon. Journal printing (log of activity), validation of checks, and slip / ticket printing are features available on some models.

Impact receipt printers are the most economic receipt printer, but they are also the loudest.


  • Star SP500, SP512, SP542 POS Receipt Printer
  • Star SP700, SP712, SP742 Impact Receipt Printer

Thermal Receipt Printer

Thermal receipt printer use heat through the print head to create images on thermal receipt paper, therefore required no ribbon. Its print quickly and quietly. There are models that can print 2-color. Thermal receipt printers are not suited for heat-intensive environments, such as kitchens, as the thermal paper could be damaged and render the receipt unreadable. Since ink is not used on the receipts, the images tend to fade faster, especially when left in the sun.


  • Star TSP600 / 613 / 643 / 650 / 651 / 654 Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Star TSP-113U / 143U Thermal Receipt Printer

Barcode Printer

barcode printer (or bar code printer) is a computer peripheral for printing barcode labels or tags that can be attached to physical objects. Barcode printers are commonly used to label cartons before shipment, or to label retail items with UPCs or EANs.

Barcode printers are designed for different markets. Industrial barcode printers are used in large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They have large paper capacities, operate faster and have a longer service life. For retail and office environments, desktop barcode printers are most common.

Slip Printer

A serial dot matrix impact slip printer. Ideal for check validation, check franking, restaurant hard check, and document printing, the SP298 has been designed to fill a strong requirement from existing markets and customers.


  • Star SP-298 Slip Printer

Receipt Paper Roll

Paper roll come with 2 types namely impact receipt paper and thermal receipt paper roll. Sizes and format is compatible with all receiptprinters with 1 ply or 2 ply NCR paper roll.

1 Ply Paper Roll

  • Impact
  • 165′ per roll
  • 100 rolls per case
  • White
  • Works with most popular impact printers – Star SP200, Epson TM-U200, U323, U375

2 Ply Paper Roll

  • Impact
  • 95′ per roll
  • 100 rolls per case
  • White / Canary
  • Works with most popular impact printers – Star SP200, Epson TM-U200, U323, U375

3 Ply Paper Roll

  • Impact
  • 67′ per roll
  • 100 rolls per case
  • White / Canary / Pink
  • Works with most popular impact printers – Star SP200, Epson TM-U200, U323, U375

Barcode Ribbon

Barcode Ribbon come in three formula types: wax, wax-resin & resin. Depending upon your application needs and the material you are printing on, it is critical that you pick the correct barcode ribbon type for the best print quality and durability. Below are some general guidelines to follow.

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Barcode Label
Label Material

Paper thermal transfer barcode label are usually best for bin labeling, shipping and product labeling. Most direct thermal bar code label are paper and because of this they are environmentally sensitive and have limited and specific applications.


If your application requires a bar code label to withstand abrasion, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance or must meet UL or CSA compliance standards, it is vital that you use a synthetic label. The materials in synthetic labels are designed to withstand the rigors of these special environmental conditions.
Adhesive choice will vary with the desired durability of the barcode label. Applications may call for temporary, no-residue adhesive, or semi-permanent adhesion.


Barcode label size is often a major factor in choosing ready stock or custom label. Ready stock barcode label come in the most common sizes, but your application may require a specific dimensional “footprint.” In this case, custom barcode label can be made to fit any need.

Touch Screen Monitor

Touch screen monitor models:

  • Suretouch TouchScreen LCD Monitor
  • Suretouch TouchScreen LCD Monitor
  • Elo 15″ Touch Screen Monitor

Cash Drawer

Cash drawer provide storage, security, and organization for cash, coins, cheque, credit card slips, and coupons. Often, the POS terminal, monitor, and pole display are stacked on top of the cash drawer, therefore the durability of construction is an important consideration.

Cash drawer available in a variety of interfaces. Printer-driven POS cash drawer is connected directly to the receipt printer via RJ11 interface, which provides the signal for the cash drawer to open. There are cash drawer that can connect directly to the POS terminal via serial or USB.

Cash Drawer Models:

  • Tysso PCD-020 / CD-430 RJ11, RS232 Cash Drawer
  • Posiflex CR3100 Cash Drawer
  • Tysso PCD430 Flip Top Cash Drawer

Pole Display

Pole display (Customer Display) shows the purchase information to the customer. The data is sent by the Point of sale software. Between transactions, it’s possible to show other messages on the pole display, such as welcome message, company name, sale advertisement and “thank you” message. Pole display are available with varies pole lengths to accommodate different counter heights.

Pole Display Models:

  • PartnerTech CD-5220 / PCD-2209 Customer Pole Display
  • Posiflex PD2200 Pole Display
  • Tysso VFD-650 / VFD-450 VFD Pole Display

Barcode Reader.

Type of Barcode Scanner

  • Handheld
  • Wireless – Bluetooth or Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Mobile Computer
  • Portable Data Collector
  • Omni-directional

The barcode scanner brands that we carry are Argox, CipherLab, Datalogic, Handheld, Metrologic, Opticon, Posiflex, Symbol, Tysso and Honeywell.